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In this article you will find some of the essential sights in Dhaka that you should not miss during your visit to Bangladesh. The multi-brand retail chain has 13 stores in the Dh Bangladesh City area. Bangladesh Police is the central law enforcement agency in Bangladesh And it is responsible for protecting public safety and order.

The whole place is surrounded by the Ganges, Brahmaputra and Meghna rivers, and the best way to explore this stunning place is by boat trips along the river. It is a floating market where you can taste the delicious food of the region and a bazaar where the locals sell the goods they have collected and made from natural resources.

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If you want to learn about the history of Bangladesh, don't forget to visit the lost city of Gaur. If you are a history lover who wants to explore the ruins of a "lost city," this is the perfect place in beautiful Bangladesh. Bagerhat is another place you want to visit on your trip to Bangladesh if you are an adventurer and feel like Indiana Jones.

One of the best places in Bangladesh that will surely surprise you is the island of St. Martin. There are 75 miles of stunning beaches in Cox's Bazaar, which is the main reason it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Bangladesh.

The city is the center of almost everything that happens in Bangladesh, and it is worth strolling for an afternoon. A must for the city - visit the ruins of Maynamati, the most popular tourist attraction of the city, Sonargaon, which also has one of the most beautiful beaches in the country, Chittagong.

There are many places to visit and food to try in Khulna that will definitely bring you closer to the culture of this part of the country. You may also be interested in our list of the 13 best places not to miss to visit Bangladesh and 101 things you should know about Bangladesh and its experiences. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive the latest news on Bangladesh travel, upcoming groups, tours and booking status that can reduce your costs. If you have met a traveler who has visited Bangladesh or knows of a traveler who has visited the country, you can join our Facebook group to meet them, ask questions about traveling to Bangladesh, get quick answers and share something about it.

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If you like architecture, this is one of the must-see attractions in Dhaka and if not, it is a must - visit tourist attractions. There are more relaxed attractions in the city, including the famous Sixties Dome Mosque and the Great Mosque of Bangladesh. The so-called "Sixties Dome" "The mosque in Bangladesh is the most famous of its kind and there is no other mosque of its kind in any other city. Some symbolic elements of this mosque are missing in other mosques such as the Dhaya Mosque, e.g. mineral domes.

The inside of the Bangladeshi e-passport shows an embossed image of Amars in Bengali. The Pakistani, which was commissioned when Bangladesh was known as East Pakistan during the partition of India, was to serve as a second seat in the national parliament.

Near the city is a place called Mahasthangarh, which was the earliest capital of Bangladesh and was formerly known as Pundravardhana. It was once the capital of East Bengal under a chain of nawabs and sultans, and its faded villas still line the main road from the village of Painam Nagar. Nearby is quake, the former capital of Bangladesh, the oldest city in the country.

This place is considered sacred to Buddhists, Muslims and Hindus alike and is visited every year by tourists from all over Bangladesh. This place was considered sacred by Buddhism and Hinduism, as it is sacred to them and tourists from all over Bangladesh visit this place every year. The place has been considered sacred and sacred for thousands of years to Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist visitors to Bangladesh, but is now a tourist destination.

If you appreciate culture and history, Bogra is a must - visit a place you should visit, especially for those who appreciate history. No visit to Bangladesh would be complete without a trip to Jessore, one of the country's most popular tourist destinations. It is hard to stumble across foreigners in this city, but the hospitality of the locals makes it the highlight of your trip to Bangladesh. The people of Jessore are very friendly and courteous to all who have the chance to interact with Bangladesh.

More About Bogra

More About Bogra