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After the heavy rains of the monsoon days, the traditional Bengals were supplied with hot plates of Patla Khichuri meat. When people visit other people's houses in the village on Eid, it is not much to be served with a special Eid dessert called Semai.

Kachchi biryani is traditionally cooked in a clay oven and served with Shami Kabab chutney. A simple salad is enough to accompany the kachchchi cabab and is served with grilled chicken. Nehari has a paratha, a slow-cooked beef leg with onions, garlic, ginger and spices. The pan is closed with a lid so that it can cook on its own.

Malai is made by heating non-homogenized whole milk at 80 degrees Celsius for about an hour and then cooling it down. It is prepared by boiling the milk until it is slightly thickened, sweetened with sugar and grouper and fermented overnight. A clay pot serves as a container for the production of Misti Doi, not only to thicken the yogurt further, but also to produce the right temperature for the growth of the culture.

In this recipe, flat rice (chira) is soaked in water for several hours and then mixed with a mixture of rice flour, sugar, salt, garlic, ginger and black pepper. The dish is slow - seven to eight hours cooked, which causes the flavors of spices, meat, barley and wheat to be mixed.

This dessert from Bangladesh is a flat cheese ball, flavoured with cardamom in Malai (Clotted Cream). When visiting Bangladesh, go to any traditional restaurant in the country to try this traditional dish. It consists of a round, hollow puri, filled with a mixture of rice flour, sugar, salt, garlic, ginger and black pepper and fried until crisp. It is served as a side dish or main course in many restaurants in Dhaka and other cities.

It is used in many restaurants in Dhaka and other cities, mostly made from rice and cow's milk, and is on the shelves of many grocery stores and restaurants.

Bottled borhani is available in restaurants, but is much better than at home - prepared to be tasted at a wedding to reveal the true taste of boranih. Traditionally, it is made by mixing rice, milk, rice flour, sugar, rose syrup, salt and spices, often garnished with some chopped fruit, which is garnished at the end. Most of the food is home-made and not available in restaurants, but it is a spicy yogurt drink that is served in many restaurants in Dhaka and other cities, as well as in some grocery stores and restaurants. Most of them are available and taste like a traditional restaurant in Bangladesh

Bhuna means braising, and the dish is a bit slow - cooked so that all the flavours and spices flow in at once, unlike other times when everything is cooked together. The most important trick for the melt-in-- your-mouth kababs is how long you marinate them and how long they are marinated.

The term kachchi means raw and refers to the way biryani ingredients are combined without first cooking meat and rice separately. Bhuna Khichuri could be cooked in the same pan as the Sheek Kabab, but in a different way. Sheeks Kababs are beef and mutton that have long been marinated in spices and put on skewers.

Paratha is a unleavened flatbread made in Bangladesh and is made from flour dough, which is baked in a pan and refined with deep frying. If you are visiting Bangladesh, one of the best ways to start your day with a breakfast of paratha, bhaji or roast eggs would be to start it with tea. This is the most popular breakfast food in Bangladesh, eaten with fried eggs, and it is a great way to start the day.

Morag polao is a very rich, spicy and wholesome dish, in which chicken and rice are cooked with spices, yoghurt, butter lard and ghee. Kachchi biryani is made with layers of meat, rice and potatoes interspersed with a warm and delicious blend of aromatic spices.

The only chance to try Patla Khichuri is by being invited to a local house or village house on Eid or a rainy day during the monsoon. It is cooked with rice, chicken, onions, garlic, spices, ginger, turmeric, salt and spices.

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Kachchi Biryani is one of Bangladesh's most popular formal dishes, which you must try at least once during your visit to Bangladesh. This is a very popular and must - try - at least - once - While - you - visit - Bangladesh food and is the perfect accompaniment to any formal meal in the country, especially in Dhaka.

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